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Join me in creating the right soil to grow a healthy soul-full humanity

I envision a world where our priority is to grow and develop ourselves into emotionally mature human beings willing to collectively work together to find solutions. 

I began my counseling work to help others.  As I experienced the stories of my clients I realized I couldn’t ask them to do what I hadn’t done.  I paused and faced experiences I had been running from.  What I learned about myself has been a heart and soul-full journey that has opened up possibilities I never dreamed of because I thought trauma had defined me.

I found out it doesn’t.  I learned I could move from trauma to triumph and create life on my own terms.  I could have just gone on my merry way but I couldn’t.  I am a teacher and guide to others who want to transform their trauma into triumph.

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I help today’s woman harness their own personal power, find peace within, and become part of the shift in creating healthier and more loving relationships, beginning with the relationship with themselves.


Distracted Connection

  Do you find your mind frequently jumping from one disconnected thought to another?  Are complete sentences lost in the interruptions of your day?  Does your mind ruminate until overthinking takes you down a foggy path? The new normal?  Thoughts in bullet points, emotions in symbols, conversations in texts, physical bodies seen but not felt. … Continue reading Distracted Connection

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Don’t Forget The Children

Divorcing parents need to recognize that their innocent children do not need to be tools to get back at each other when their marriage has failed.

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Emotional absence!

So much about what I know and talk about is unseen. You can’t see a primal wound or emotional absence. You can’t see the wind either but you can see what it does.

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Success Stories

You are a gift.  I can’t tell you that enough.


Thank you so much for being who you are! You are such a blessing in our live.  You are a special woman and we appreciate and are so grateful for you.


No one has told me the things you have that help me understand myself better.


You help me put my puzzle pieces together so my life makes sense.


I feel so relieved to realize what I’ve been going through isn’t something wrong with me; it’s human and I can get through it.