How I Work

There is nothing more important to me than guiding others to discover their path from trauma to triumph.

Imagine waking up each day feeling energized, excited to meet your day, trusting yourself  to create life your way.

Your intention has been to create a life full of success, joy, and love.   You thought by now you’d be free from feeling shackled by your painful past.  Somehow just when you think it’s behind you, the chains rattle you back to places you don’t want to go.

Like you, I remember running as fast as I could from my childhood into adulthood thinking I had gotten out unscathed.  Little did I know that the stresses of adult life would become so overwhelming they would trigger me back to my unresolved past.   I found all kinds of activities and strategies to avoid feelings:  shopping, education, working, and other overcare.  I was doing just like I’d been taught, “It’s in the past, move on.”  I moved on as far as I could until the shackles ran out of length and I crashed into the gerbil cage going round and round stuck in overwhelm.  In order to get out, I had to create a door.  So began my healing journey.

What I learned on that journey is what I teach:  in order to truly “move on” you need to accept the past, see it with new eyes, and learn from it. Then you can move on much the lighter and wiser with a more realistic, clearer, and compassionate relationship with yourself.

My healing journey was anything but a straight line. Actually, I learned once I accepted my past;  my present and future were endless possibilities to learn and grow myself into the person I wanted.

And that is good news for you!  I offer a unique perspective, from my experiences, the work I have done with others which has always been a learning experience, and the research and education I have received from cutting-edge professionals.

Our work together will lead you to discover and connect the dots of your life.  You will know what is important to you and gain clarity to create a life beyond trauma.

Confidence. Empowerment. Hope. These are what you will gain.

Become YOUR own best friend.

In our face-paced, ever-changing world in order to keep up, we have become human doings instead of human beings. Our “To-Do” lists grow longer and longer, even as we neglect ourselves. We have achieved many of our dreams, yet we feel hollow, bitter, restless, or uncomfortable in our own skins. We are so busy being ‘perfect’ for everyone else that we forget to be true to ourselves.

If you’re ready to fire those critical inner voices, break those chains that imprison your creativity, tear down the walls that imprison your authentic self … if you’re ready to get on the path to consciously create life on your own terms then I can help.

Cultural, family, and societal beliefs are the yardstick you measure life’s meaning.  Many of those beliefs have been helpful and continue to be valuable; however, many others have outlived their usefulness.   I can show you how to say NO to those echoing voices, and discover what works for you to live, really LIVE, your life. What would it be worth to you if you could thrive in the midst of adversity? View challenges as opportunities. Greet each day as the blessing that it is. Truly gain the wisdom from your past and stop the haunting cycle?

I teach techniques to quiet the fears of the bodymind so you can find peace within.

I’d love to share them with you.

What have you got to lose?

“The value of my spiritual self is what matters to me most. It is because of this connection and my experiences I have come to heal my traumatic past and reconnect with this aspect of what it is to be a human being. I call it my soul. When I am connected to the soul aspect of myself then I connect to an unlimited Source of wisdom and guidance beyond what I alone would do. I felt closer to my soul as a child before I was indoctrinated by the pain and fear of living in survival mode.  When my survival strategies became loud and automatic,  my intermittent soul-full experiences quieted.  I didn’t know what was getting in the way.  It has been a long journey back to my soul-full self and I appreciate my return.
-Deborah Chelette-Wilson


I began my work as a child therapist addressing behavioral problems at home and school. I found that much of what I had learned academically didn’t seem to work for a growing number of children. Thus began years of research and training in child development, attachment, neuroscience, and trauma. This journey led me to grow both personally and professionally. Transforming my trauma into triumph allowed me to become a healing presence and guide for others.

Healing trauma is a difficult journey and as I’ve experienced well worth the freedom it brings. It is exciting to see people grow beyond trauma and reconnect to possibilities.

Everything I do is motivated by a deep heart and soul-full place to assist in the healing of the traumatic human condition so that people awaken to living life as soul-full beings. It is a journey that has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

How can I not share what I’ve learned with you?

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